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New Boutox Peeling Pro

Specially created to potentialize the result of progressive brushes, it cleans and dilates the cuticles as much as possible without leaving the strands tangled. It makes excellent scalp cleansing (detox effect), treating the hair follicles and minimizing hair loss due to excessive chemistry and oiliness.

New Boutox Thermic Pro

Capillary realigner with smooth and long lasting effect. Reduces volume while re-combing the capillary mass so that the wires are thin, "spiky" and lifeless.
It recovers the natural balance, the shine and the silkiness of the hair.


- New Boutox Peeling Pro 1 Liter (33,814 Fl. Oz.)
- New Boutox Thermic Pro 1 Liter (33,814 Fl. Oz.)


1. Apply New Boutox Peeling Pro to wet hair, lightly massaging the scalp, waiting for 5 minutes. Repeat for best results.

2. Rinse the wires thoroughly and thoroughly dry them.

3. Apply the New Boutox Thermic Pro by aligning the hair with a fine comb.

5. Leave on for 30 minutes and rinse.

6. Dry the hair by brushing and plucking it in fine wicks, finishing as desired.