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Our Liquid Keratin has been specially developed to treat hair that has suffered chemical aggressions such as discoloration, coloration, chlorine, pollution and contact with solar rays that act by removing the natural keratin from the threads, weakening the hair, leaving them brittle, dry, opaque and without life.

It can be used in many ways such as:

- Capillary Reconstruction: Suitable for all hair types, replacing proteins, keratin, amino acids and minerals, which are responsible for the treatment of the outer layers of the hair, giving glow, softness and natural balance to the hair.

- Cuticular Sealing: This process simply consists of spraying the liquid keratin on previously washed, treated and dried hair in an amount sufficient to moisten the threads, allow to act for 5 minutes, brush and pluck the yarns for excellent finishing, donating softness and extreme shine to the hair.


- Liquid Keratin 160 ml (5,41 Fl. Oz.)


1. After washing the hair, remove the water excess with a towel and apply the Liquid Keratin all over the hair from the root tips.


2. Separate in thin wicks and dry 100% with the hairdryer, then use the hair straightener, in orde to ensure a best penetration and efficiency of the product.

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