Deep Clean Shampoo (Step 1)

Developed to prepare hair leaving them completely clean and free of impurities such as cream, leave-in residues and oils that may interfere withthe final treatment result, not allowing the penetration of Volume Reducer(STEP 2) into the cortex of the hair fiber. Leaves hair clean, clear and withcapillaries dilated to receive The Volume Reducer (STEP 2)

Volume Reducer (Step 2)

Developed with a Blend of amino acids, proteins and vitamins, which with the contact with the hair and activated by heat, release particles that act organically in the internal structure of the strand (Córtex), reducing their volume, leaving them realigned, without Frizz and with brightness.
Duration: 1 to 3 months.


- Deep Clean Shampoo 1 Liter (33,814 Fl. Oz.)
- Volume Reducer 1 Liter (33,814 Fl. Oz.)


1- Wash the hair with the Deep Clean Shampoo (STEP 1),

2- Rinse with plenty of water to remove all the product from the hair and repeat the operation, and then let the shampoo act for 5 minutes.

3- Dry it with a towel, leaving the hair slightly moistened to receive the Volume Reducer (STEP 2).

4- Apply approximately 50 ml of Volume Reducer (STEP 2), over the entire length of the hair, massage it without rubbing the scalp until it completely wraps the hair with the product. DO NOT ADD WATER TO SPREAD. Let the product act for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the thickness of the strand, respecting the temperature indicated in step 7;

5- Rinse thoroughly, removing all the product from the hair.

6- Dry all hair using a hair dryer;

7- Separate the hair in thin wicks and use the hair straightner on it for at least 6 to 10 times on each wick with a temperature between 180ºC / 375F (thin hair) at 230º / 450F (medium hair and thick hair). OBS. The more you use the hair straightner, the better the result of volume reduction.

8- Complete the proccess as you wish.

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