Transforms frizzy hair, curly and wavy in: Smooth, soft and disciplined.

Ideal for straightening curly hair;

Does not harm the scalp;

Less aggression index to the wires;

Easy application (fewer steps), reducing costs and time of application;


Neutralizing Balm 1 Liter (33,814 Fl. Oz.)
Relax Cream 1 Kg (35,274 Oz.) 
Scalp Protector 120 ml (16,907 Fl. Oz.)
Guanidine Activator 500 ml (4,057 Fl. Oz.)



1. Divide the hair into 4 sections;

2. Apply the Affinität Leather Protector along the forehead, nape, ears and throughout the scalp, section by section, in thin, well-distributed layers, avoiding the accumulation of the roots before starting the chemical procedure ;

3. Divide the hair into strands, trapping each hair. Mix Activator Cream - Part A with Activating Liquid - Part B, starting the application of the relaxing mixture by the neck always towards the front, and from the lateral ones upwards, using an application brush or the back of a cable comb. Avoid applying the straightening cream directly on the scalp ;

4. After complete application, seat the smoothing cream with the back of a cable comb or the hands working wick to the wick in the same direction used in the application ;

5. Start the time counting from the beginning of the application, carefully checking the action of the product on the threads, when reaching the desired degree of smoothing, rinse the hair with warm water removing the product completely ;

6. Apply the Neutralizing Balm Affinität by allowing it to act for 5, enough time to neutralize the chemistry. Rinse and repeat the procedure leaving it to act for another 15 minutes, time for normalization and hydration of the wires ;

7. Let it dry naturally or finish with plank and brushes if desired. 

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